end of priming system with innovation - technology powering water

Kube Pump is capable of operating in any environmental situation. It can work smoothly in dirty water, flood water, oily water, sewage and sea water.

kube pumps

P1 Diesel – Portable Motopump

P1 Gasoline – Portable Motopump

  • It can suck water from 10 Meters
  • It can work dry !
  • Does not need check valve, Clack or Vacuum
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair

P2 Gasoline – Portable Motopump

Kube Portable Non-Priming Pump

A new standard in portable pumps is now on the market with the Kube Portable Pump. Light enough to be carried by two people, this pump can be positioned in a variety of operations due to its unique engineering. 

The Kube Pump delivers water to the pump from the strainer using an impeller to push the water to the pump, therefore is able to lift water up to 10 meters without priming. This makes the pump ideal for filling Fire Brigade trucks from inaccessible water sources (bridge, cliff, riverbank, dam walls etc), as well as flooded areas such as drains, basements and pits.