Our Services

Our top priorities include prevention, preparation for, and response to oil spills.

Every effort must be made to prevent oil spills and to clean them up promptly once they occur. The costs associated with spill prevention are often much less than the costs associated with spill cleanup, fines, and other civil liabilities.

Oil Spill Preparedness

Our Oil Spill Consultants, Environmental Consultants and Equipment Experts are ready to fulfill as your services.

Oil Spill Solutions

Outlining response procedures, and identifying the needs of equipment, training and exercises.

Oil Spill Detection

Oil spill monitoring of high risk areas and gives automatic oil spill detection and alarms generation.

Risk Engineering Services

Ensure that high quality of technical knowledge has been transferred to our customers and underwriting department aligned with a risk of industrial technology of different industrial types including information on risks from environmental conditions and national disasters exist in each area.

  • Fire Protection Services & Consultant concerning design, project management concerning quality control within expected period, commissioning and acceptance test for certification process before handover.
  • Engineering Design and Maintenance Services for mechanic, electric, civil, fire protection, sanitary and plumbing systems.
  • Energy Management Inspection and Certification.