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Causes, Effects and Solutions

Once the oil spill occurs, the environmental disaster resulting from the event can be difficult to control.  However, various solutions have been devised to prevent Oil Spills and containing them after occurrence.

The top priorities include prevention, preparation for, and response to oil spills. These include those that occur in and around the world in open oceans, inland waters as well as coastal waters around the world.


4 – 6 October 2023, Hall 6 Impat Exhibtion Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Containment Solutions for Oil Spills

Emergency plans are important for decision-making authorities in directing response efforts, outlining response procedures, and identifying the needs of equipment, training and exercises. This is because there is no time to spare when executing an oil spill response.

Up-to-date plans facilitate coordinated responses aimed at mitigating and minimizing the impact of oil spills. 

What we measure after Land-based Spill

Land-based Spill through the river

The oil finds its way to any waterway, our strategy to stop its movement with the use of booms near the source. We Contained, Recovered, Cleaned, Transported waste,  Threaten waste, Site Remediated  and Tested the Soil & Groundwater Contamination and keep measure the contamination.