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Causes, Effects and Solutions

Once the oil spill occurs, the environmental disaster resulting from the event can be difficult to control.  However, various solutions have been devised to prevent Oil Spills and containing them after occurrence.

The top priorities include prevention, preparation for, and response to oil spills. These include those that occur in and around the world in open oceans, inland waters as well as coastal waters around the world.

Containment Solutions for Oil Spills

Emergency plans are important for decision-making authorities in directing response efforts, outlining response procedures, and identifying the needs of equipment, training and exercises. This is because there is no time to spare when executing an oil spill response.

Up-to-date plans facilitate coordinated responses aimed at mitigating and minimizing the impact of oil spills. 



Ports, harbours, coastlines, beaches, rivers, lakes, offshore…the list is endless. But we have a solution for every scenario.

We offer global solutions for the fight against pollution caused by oil spills at sea.

The latest technology applied to unique products manufactured by Markleen, a Spanish company active worldwide

There are containment booms available for every scenario, whether it be a spill in a marina, in a coastal area near a sensitive spot, or out at sea, and the design and size of the boom should take into account all circumstances.

Skimmers are devices used for the mechanical recovery of oil on water.  They can be oleophilic, meaning they distinguish between oil and water by way of their brush, disc or drum modules, or can be weir type skimmers, with a floating ring.

The High-Speed Single-Vessel Sweep System is a self-contained system allowing the vessel to operate single-handed without any backup from other parties. A cost-efficient system that gives the operator great flexibility and a substantial increase in overall performance and recovery efficiency.

When carrying out an oil spill clean-up operation it is important to have ready enough storage capacity for the recovered oil, in a way which is practical and easy to use.

Markleen manufactures and supplies a number of solutions for the temporary storage of oil for use on docksides, beaches and ships

FireDos specializes in the development and production of innovative and reliable proportioning systems, extinguishing monitors and trailers for firefighting.


We create solutions on the highest level of technology. Our proportioners, monitors and fire trailers guarantee successful operation worldwide. No matter if in industrial businesses, with professional, factory or volunteer fire brigades – our products fit into fire extinguishing systems at maximum flexibility and enhance their efficiency. 

Our stationary proportioners are applied in sprinkler or deluge, wet or dry extinguishing systems. Typical fields of application are all places where flammable substances, liquids in particular, are produced, transported, stored or disposed of, e.g., in fire extinguishing systems for tank farms, jetties, hangars, high-rack warehouses or pump rooms.

Our monitors are suitable for firefighting with water or foam and can throw thousands of liters of water per minute more than 150 meters. Various nozzle types are available. 

Fire trailers are used if extra flexibility is required on-site. Depending on the type of application, the trailers can be equipped with monitors and/or proportioners.

The personnel of municipal, factory or volunteer fire brigades needs equipment to rely on. Our proportioners were designed specially for use by firefighters and produce extinguishing foam or wetting agent. They are installed in fire trucks.

Our portable proportioners were optimized for varying firefighting scenarios and ensure maximum flexibility in mobile use. They are suitable for all nozzle types. No matter if wetting agent or foam – they are fit for both ways of operation, and for pulsating/intermittent use in particular.  

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