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What are the techniques for cleaning up an oil spill at sea, in industry or in other areas?

There are many solutions on the market for getting rid of spills, depending on the location of the spill, the nature and quantity of the liquid to be recovered and the frequency of operations.


There are containment booms available for every scenario, whether it be a spill in a marina, in a coastal area near a sensitive spot, or out at sea, and the design and size of the boom should take into account all circumstances.

Skimmers are devices used for the mechanical recovery of oil on water.  They can be oleophilic, meaning they distinguish between oil and water by way of their brush, disc or drum modules, or can be weir type skimmers, with a floating ring.

The High-Speed Single-Vessel Sweep System is a self-contained system allowing the vessel to operate single-handed without any backup from other parties. A cost-efficient system that gives the operator great flexibility and a substantial increase in overall performance and recovery efficiency.

When carrying out an oil spill clean-up operation it is important to have ready enough storage capacity for the recovered oil, in a way which is practical and easy to use.

Markleen manufactures and supplies a number of solutions for the temporary storage of oil for use on docksides, beaches and ships

Self-inflatable containment boom

The ECOSPEED booms are air-filled containment booms which expand instantly as they come off the reel during deployment, without the need of blowers, compressors, or other forms of external air-supply. Instead, air is sucked in through the flush-mounted breathers situated on the top of the boom, thereby filling the floats with atmospheric air.  The self-inflating system and absence of check valves make the ECOSPEED an exceptionally fast launching boom, with minimum personnel requirements. 

ECOSPEED booms have excellent wave following characteristics because of their high buoyancy, flexibility, and stability. Internal solid flotation foam gives the booms plenty of reserve buoyancy making them virtually impossible to sink in the case of damage.

The air breathers prevent water from entering the floatation chambers and eliminate the risk of damage associated with surface-mounted valves. Moreover, each 25-metre section has drainage valves at both ends. Water that might enter a damaged boom will automatically drain out when the boom is lifted out of the sea with the boom reel, without the need for opening valves or removing caps.

ECOSPEEED booms are made from high-frequency welded PU/PVC blended fabric, which is resistant to oil, salt, and UV light. ECOSPEED booms are designed to provide increased visibility in the dark. The booms are bright yellow and have pockets for flashing, high-intensity LED marker lights every 25 metres in addition to generously sized welded-on reflectors on the entire circumference of the float every 5 metres.