Decreasing fire risk of IBCs

Viking's FM Approved fire protection containment unit is used to store single Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) that contain ignitable liquids when located within manufacturing, industrial or other similar type environments. The unit is designed to house composite IBCs that could be located in a production area or a staging area.

The IBC containment unit is intended to capture an ignitable liquid release from a composite IBC. The unit contains the fuel spill allowing the liquid or burning liquid to drop through a flame arrestor and deposit into a holding tank. The holding tank has a capacity of 150% of the composite IBC that it is designed for. The IBC containment unit is offered with sides up or sides down, offering two convenient options for installation. In addition to its installation benefits, the IBC containment units also offer:

  • Contains the fire
  • Separates the flame from the liquid
  • Collects the liquid in the sump
  • Prevents the liquid from spilling onto the floor
  • Prevents the fire from spreading

FM Approved IBC Fire Protection Containment Unit